Production - Metal analyser Spectrometer

Metal analyser Spectrometer

Production Description

Before casting pouring and after casting material needs to be verified according to requirements and standards. Through vaporizing and sparks the chemical composition from the part can be analysed.

The chemical composition is critical for weldability and strength (mechanical properties). For low alloy steel percentage of elements (Carbon C, Manganese Mn, Chromium Chrome Cr, Nickel Ni, Silicon Si, Phosphorus P, Sulphur Sulfur S, Copper Cu, Cobalt Co, Vanadium V, Boron B and Molybdenum Molyben Mo are commonly driving the materials’ characteristics.

For ductile iron it is also especially crucial to verify the nodularity, spherical nodules and microstructure of Pearlite, Ferrite, Austenite, Cementite, Martensite and Graphite. This is verified and controlled with a Metallographic microscope analysis. Read more

For larger parts, a modern high-tech portable analyser gun with extreme accuracy and precision is widely used. Read more