Who Are We

Howshun Group

Houshun is a privately-owned engineering and manufacturing business group catering to OEMs and customers seeking a tier 1 supplier with expertise in product development, foundry operations, forging, and machining workshops.

With ISO 9001, IATF (TS) 16949 certifications, and over 20 years of experience in the production of metal castings (primarily in grey iron, ductile iron, steel, and aluminum), forging, and machined products, we specialize in developing and delivering high-quality, secure products for discerning customers.

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We offer product development and manufacturing services that meet your demands


Our foundry process are; Sand casting, ductile nodular iron casting, shell moulding, lost wax, green sand casting, automatic and semi sand mould casting.

Casting is a relvativley cheap and efficient process for durable and strained parts for various industry applications.Learn More »


Our metal forge production lines are equipped with open die forging press and closed die forging press from 400T to 4000T.

Forging parts are generally stronger and more wear resistant than casted parts. Ideal for strained engineering parts and very cost-efficent in higher volmes. Material used in forging; Alloy steel, Aluminum, Carbon steel, Stainless steel and non-ferrous. Typical forging process is hot forging, with alloy steel being the most common forging materialLearn More »


Our production engineering dpt. designes specialized cutting tools and fixtures to garantee maximum efficency, stability and precision with short cycle times our workshop with highlights;

OKUMA High-precision horizontal and vertical CNC (max 1200 x 1000 x 810 mm) , slow rotation- and high-speed turningLearn More »

Inspection & Stock keeping

We deliver quality by meeting our customers’ specifications continuously with minimum variation.

Therefore, a well-equipped inspection centre suited with mobile metal analyzer,  mechanical properties testing , ultrasonic inspection machines, magnetic particle detectors, CMM and hydraulic pressure testing machines.

For safety and critical parts we perform 100% inspection with gauge and fitting control to deliver zero-defect.Learn More »


We want to share our latest news and experience in manufacuturing.

ASTM A 802 SCRATA – Comparators for the definition of surface quality of steel castings

When it comes to deciding the level of quality for a surface, it is very hard to define it by... read more