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Howshun is a family owned business specializing in manufacturing and processing components for the automobile, rail and mining, engineering machine and hydraulic industry.


Based in Ningbo, China, the company was established 2004 and consists of a parent company; Ningbo Howshun Innovated Manufacture Co., Ltd and subsidiaries; Ningbo Yinzhou Wanshun Machinery, Ningbo Tianyi Precision Casting and Howshun Sweden.



The firm employs more than 250 people and delivers over 3 200 tonnes of goods per year and increasing.


Howshun offers a wide range of specialized manufactured components and products .

Our major business areas are; Rail and Mining, Construction Equipment and hydraulics.


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Howshun operates globally with markets in Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Brazil and China.

The company's headquarters and main production is located in China, Ningbo and an office with stocking options in Europe, Sweden. 



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Our R&D department consists of 20 engineers with specialization in casting, forging, heat treatment, machining and quality.

At HS we use comprehensive planning to create maximum value for our customers, we call this sustainable manufacturing. In the early stage we welcome you to become involved and assess how suitable the products are for casting, forging, profile extrusion and machining. By basing the entire production process in one place and with a help from well established network and specialists we are able to produce everything ourselves, and deliver products quickly and efficiently, including processing, surface treatments and assembling. We manage the entire supply chain to delivery to our customers, we also handle products that have expired and gone to spare parts. HS`s sustainable manufacturing allows us to offer your company cost-efficient and stable solutions.

Our facilities are equipped with modern C.N.C and inspection equipment including spectrometer, non-destructive testing (ultrasonic, Magnetic particle detector, X-ray), CMM and hydraulic testing machine. The operation is certified with ISO/TS 16949 (quality) and continuously strives for better quality.

We offer secured quality and sustainable manufacturing for customer-specific products within;

Sand and investment casting of steel, ductile iron, grey iron and aluminum.

Free and die forging up to 40 kg of steel with press machines up to 6 500 T.

Conventional heat treatment and induction hardening.

Profile extrusion of aluminum and machining.

Rough and precision machining of all metal components up to 300 kg.

We take care of everything, from start to finish.