Casting simulation


Casting simulation



With the latest casting simulation technology we are able to begin optimizing our production and identify problematic zones before we start production.


Simulations are key tools in comprehensive quality assurance; they enable us to discover valuable information about the manufacturability of products, components and parts early in the process.


From an environmental perspective it also eliminates sources of wasted energy and material, which leads to lower manufacturing costs and lessen impact on our environment. 





Design for manufacturing and cost-reductions

Designing engineers and Constructors are often well aware of the requirements for the end-product demanded by the market, but they often lack understanding of the actual manufacturing process for the parts.


Our engineering team consists of experts from manufacturing with rich experience in casting, forging and machining. Our experts from different fields are able to suggest design modifications to reduce manufacturing costs without affecting the function of the parts.


Apart from designing modifications, we can also assist your engineers in conversion, between forging, casting and welding.


  • Forged parts can be converted to casting to reduce manufacturing costs. 
  • See converted forging parts


  • Casted parts can be converted to forging for better mechanical properties.
  • See converted casting parts


  • Welded products can be converted into castings to reduce risks, cost and time of welding.
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