Inspection Centre


Inspection Centre













Material inspection

Non Destructive testing

Computerized Measuring Machine

We deliver quality by meeting our customers’ specifications continuously with minimum variation. 


Therefore, a well-equipped inspection centre is required. Our inspection centre is suited with modern Computerized Measuring Machines (CMM), mechanical properties testing equipment, ultrasonic inspection machines, magnetic particle detectors and hydraulic pressure testing machines.


A strong inspection department ensures us that our deliveries fit customer demands and requirements.


Our main production is stationed in China due to the low labour costs offered. This enables us to verify the capacity of our processes with 100 % inspection without substantially increasing the costs.




Delivery Reports

All deliveries include the following reports certificates.


  • Material certificate
  • Chemical report
  • Mechanical properties report
  • Heat treatment report
  • Measuring report
  • Other requested reports
  • Inclinations, Ultrasonic test reports
  • Cracks, Magnetic particle report
  • Leakage, Pressure reports