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Custom Forgings

Reducing manufacturing costs. Improving part performance. Minimizing material waste.




We offer full consultation and detailed guidance to help you achieve these goals. 

  • - Evaluation of your manufacturing supply chain
  • - Optimizing your manufacturing operations
  • - Customizing materials for your application
  • - Improving part quality and metal integrity
  • - Eliminating unnecessary processing
  • - Designing parts to take advantage of forging as a superior replacement to alternate metalworking processes

Forged parts are generally stronger or equivalent to casted or machined parts. In forging the metal is shaped during the process, its internal grain deforms to follow the general shape of the part, as a result the grains continuous throughout the part, improving and strengthening characteristics.

Carbon Steel Alloy forged parts are ideal for strained engineering purposes. They can be used in critical components sensitive to minor defects in material.

Through hot forging the work hardening is prevented and difficulties of performing secondary machining operations on the part is reduced and the part becomes more cost-efficient. In cases hardening is desirable heat treating is added. Generally this is more economical and stable. 



Commited to the highest standards

Since 2009, we have been awarded with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards for quality.

Every employee is dedicated to achieving the goal of Total Customer Satisfaction by safely supplying the highest-quality parts and services possible. 

We use comprehensive planning to create maximum value for you as a customer. 

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Succeeding together

Our engineering team provide the expert consultation and guidance for you to make a positive impact and deliver success to your company. Whether your focus is on stronger and more reliable solutions, adding value, or quick turnaround and fast delivery, contact us today and discover how we can help you succeed. 



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