Business areas

Our Business Areas


Sustainable Manufacturing

Howshun’s Sustainable Manufacturing concept is the heart of the company. It stabilizes and secures quality for manufacturing of any high or low volume parts.


Rail and Mining

Howshun’s Rail and Mining aims to ensure the quality and durability for heavily strained products developed for high-speed trains, railway transportation and the mining industry. Examples: wheels, brake brackets and bogie components. 


Construction Equipment

Howshun’s Construction Equipment handles products and components for heavy machines and the construction industry. These products and components often suffer more strains than specified in drawings. Example: couplings, shafts, link arms and excavator components.



Howshun’s Hydraulics specializes in securing hydraulic components where failure jeopardizes safety. The products processes are strictly controlled and nothing is left to chance. Examples: cylinder end, rod eye and heads.


Howshun’s Project team develops solutions for the most challenging tasks. Problematic parts or time consuming parts will be engineered to reduce costs and create stability. Conversions from casting to forging, welding to casting and re-constructions and re-designing for manufacturing are being engineered.