Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing



We use comprehensive planning to create maximum value for our customers, we call this sustainable manufacturing


In the early stage we welcome you to become involved and assess how suitable the products are for casting, forging, profile extrusion and machining. By basing the entire production process in one place and with a help from well established network and specialists we are able to produce everything ourselves, and deliver products quickly and efficiently, including processing, surface treatments and assembling. 


We manage the entire supply chain to delivery to our customers, we also handle products that have expired and gone to spare parts. HS's sustainable manufacturing allows us to offer your company cost-efficient and stable solutions. 



Operation method


Phase 1, Technical Review

In the early stage our engineering department uses a comprehensive planning before manufacturing any parts. With the latest simulation technology we are able to identify and predict problematic zones. By thoroughly engineering the process a sustainable and stable supply chain is created.

Phase 4, Mass production

Our services do not stop when the parts fit the given technical specifications. To handle different order volumes, safety stocks and ’Just-in-time’ throughout the parts’ lifecycle we can customize every delivery with required logistic solution.



Phase 2, Samples

Part-samples will be sent to you for verification along with required certificate documents, guaranteeing the parts fit the given technical specifications.


Phase 5, Aftersales

When parts expire we will continue to deliver the needed volumes for customer’s maintenance and warranties. The process will be well preserved with stocking options for the parts remaining lifetime.  



Phase 3, Process capability

Our process capability statistics will ensure stability and efficiency of the process. If possible, there will also be rationalizing to further reduce the costs and increase cost-efficiency.




Sustainable Manufacturing